Community Governance  is our goal.

The Camden Empowerment Zone Corporation (CEZC) evolved out of a successful community based framework and is a resident driven organization. The key officers of the Board of Trustees are all residents and block captains of their neighborhoods. Because this is a grassroots collaboration, it took time and patience for the residents to structure their organization in order to move initiatives forward. Consensus building and collaboration eventually overcame fragmentation. In addition, many board members are representatives from religious or the non-profit communities that serve the EZ residents.


The CEZC  has four subcommittees that concentrate on areas of community development.  These subcommittees consist of neighborhood residents from the empowerment zone.  The CEZC projects, plans, and programs are usually developed in the subcommittees.  The subcommittees are : Strategic Planning, Economic Development, Human Services and Community Improvements. Residents and businesses are encouraged to participate to attend these scheduled meetings.