Camden Neighborhood Leadership Institute

The Camden Neighborhood Leadership Institute invites you to participate in a leadership course designed to assist Camden citizens improve and organize their neighborhoods.

The Camden Neighborhood Leadership Institute brings people together to enhance leadership skills and knowledge of the community in order to address Camden’s needs.

This program is for Camden’s current and potential community leaders who want to become more effective in shaping their neighborhood’s future. The courses cover a broad spectrum of issues affecting Camden’s neighborhoods. Classes are taught by locally recognized leaders and experts.

Deepen your understanding of Camden’s key issues and opportunities, develop your vision for Camden’s future, and meet other concerned community leaders. By participating with other residents in this program, you will be able to share experiences that will make you a better leader and connect with others to make your efforts more meaningful.

Most importantly, CNLI promotes the unity of residents dedicated to improving the city of Camden. Overall, CNLI develops active residents into the kind of leaders their neighborhoods can depend on.

The Camden Neighborhood Leadership Institute offers an opportunity to promote continual networking among emerging and existing leaders from Camden’s many diverse neighborhoods. The Camden Neighborhood Leadership Training will include workshops on:

Effective Communication

Consensus Building

Organizational Development

Community Policing

Compromise and Negotiation



Grassroots organizing and Community building

With the following incentives:

· An opportunity to become a resourceful leader, ready to make your neighborhood safer.

· An opportunity to receive up to $5,000 in EZ-based neighborhood improvement projects. (Applicable only to Empowerment Zone residents.)

· Technical assistance

· An opportunity to organize your neighborhood.

There will be a general information meeting at the Camden Empowerment Zone offices on Friday, September 13, 2002 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

For online application please click here. Please fax or mail the application to the CEZC.